The Rosemont Multigenerational Park Project


This project consists of the development of a new multi-generational park which provides several features for youth. The vision is to enhance its use and accessibility for all ages in a family and community. It is being developed in partnership with the City of Nelson.

The Park Plan

In March, 2014, a regional Skate Board park was opened at this location adjacent to a mountain bike skills park. There are presently restrooms, rough pathways, occasional picnic tables and benches.  The large, vacant field is awaiting separate playgrounds for younger and older children. The plan calls for paved walkways surrounding the playground and into the forest for exercise and pleasure.  We envision picnic tables with park benches scattered around the park and eventually a spray park between the skate park and playgrounds.  The potential at this site is obvious.


Rosemont Park is located at 505 West Beasley Street in the Rosemont area of Nelson, BC with a large undeveloped field and a small, natural forest alongside.  This ready-made green space with untouched natural beauty is accessible to community members by transit, biking, on foot and/or by car.


The community of Rosemont is a suburb of Nelson, BC, where there are numerous parks and access to Kootenay Lake for swimming and boating.   Rosemont citizens, particularly children, are isolated from these parks by a complex highway system, distance and a hill!

This is the only park in Rosemont with no playground and is largely undeveloped. We heard through the Community Information evening (September 2018) and a Community Needs survey that Nelson and most especially, Rosemont residents resoundingly want this park (87% in support) with natural playgrounds as their #1 pick!

Rotary Club of Nelson Daybreak, along with the City are committed to make this happen for these children and their families


Rotary Club of Nelson Daybreak, in partnership with the City of Nelson is fundraising for this Multigenerational Park project.  The City of Nelson owns Rosemont Park and in April, 2019 passed resolutions in support of the Park’s development. 


Through Rotary’s fundraising efforts, the City will be able to begin purchasing and installing playground equipment over the summer of 2020.  Rotary is known to get things done.  Help us make this a reality by donating for children to play!

President Meg Milner was thrilled to acknowledge Randy Horswill of Home Hardware as the first Corporate Sponsor of the campaign to raise $100,000.00 for the Rosemont Playground. Over the past 2 years Home Hardware has contributed $3000.
Donor Recognition is as follows:
Bronze - $500-$3500
Silver - $3501-$7000
Gold - $7001-$15,000
Platinum - $15,001 and up

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