Update from Oaxaca

Posted: February 7 - 2013

We arrived safely in Oaxaca on Sunday night after a few travel challenges in Spokane. We all spent Monday at Tierra del Sol, a permaculture farm, where we met with Victoria and Miguel (a Swiss PHD in Solar Energy) to learn about solar energy and to plan out our project. We are literally building it from scratch, so it is very labour intensive -- such as soldering together the pipes which the water will circulate through to warm up. We have spent the last two days working at the orphanage -- very grueling and hot, but rewarding, as everyone is very thankful for the hot water heater. Hopefully, the 55 kids and 5 staff will have hot water for the first time by the weekend.

Everyone is doing well, and working really hard.  Hope to finish most of it by the end of the day tomorrow.

The support of Rotary is much appreciated.

Attached is a picture of our three Interactors (Annette, Kara and Danielle) working with Victoria (one of the masterminds behind our solar hot water heater).

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