You are invited: Speaker will be Marc Brillion

Posted: August 7 - 2012

Join us at for our breakfast meeting, to learn more about Rotary, Cascadia Green Buidling Council and Marc Brillion!

When: August 21st at 0700am at the Hume Hotel
Price for breakfast: $11.

Planning to come? Just mail us ( so we will have enough food!

The Cascadia Green Building Council is made up of individuals interested in green building. Members are architects, engineers, builders, building material suppliers, timber framers, etc. who volunteer their time to promote sustainable building practices. The council wanted to do a demonstration project, where they could involve the community and teach interested parties about their building techniques. They approached the City of Nelson, who said they needed a public washroom at Rosemont Park.

The council designed the building using locally sourced natural materials then asked local contractors to bid on the construction. Marc Brillon of Ellenwood Homes was the successful bidder. He has worked with the council and a network of local suppliers to create this one-of-a-kind structure. In addition, the council has offered several weekend workshops for interested community members to learn these green construction techniques. The workshops included making bricks for the walls from wood chips and clay, creating a vegetated (green) roof system, assembling the brick walls, plastering the walls, then installing the renewable energy system (photovoltaic panel). What makes this project unique are the form of the building, the materials used, and the wonderful community effort to make it a reality.

Marc Brillon and a member of the Cascadia Green Building Council will be presenting the project at the Nelson Rotary Daybreak Club’s morning meeting on Tuesday Aug 21, 7:00AM, at the Hume Hotel. For more information, visit and follow Marc’s blog at

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