May 29th - Celebration of Youth at the Hume hotel

Posted: April 18 - 2012

I was at the recent “Beer and Burger” SK8 park fundraiser (a Daybreak Rotary event) when a friend asked me “Just what is Rotary anyway?” She then gestured around the crowded bar commenting, “I know most of these people (the Rotarians) why do you do this?”

I took a moment to ponder what Rotary is about, wondering how to answer such a complex question. Another Rotarian overheard the question and with a shrug of her shoulder stated, “The answer is simple, we, (Rotarians) are making the world a better place!”

The SK8 park fundraiser is a great example. The Nelson Daybreak Rotary Club has, in the last year, raised over $8,000.00 for this worthy youth initiative. Not bad for a little club of thirty members, a small step towards making Nelson a better place for youth!

Like Rotary clubs all over the world we have identified “New Generation” projects supporting youth. For our club the SK8 park is only one of the local youth projects we support. We have established an Interact (Youth Rotary) Club at Mount Sentinel School and helped this club travel to Mexico where they are supporting an orphanage. We are working on a mural project involving youth as part of our Graffiti initiatives and we have numerous other youth initiatives underway.

It is easy for us as Rotarians to come alongside our youth; the young people in Nelson are truly an amazing group! The stories of Nelson Youth serving both at home and all around the world humble us “older folk” who are committed to the Rotary motto “Service Above Self.”

On May 29th we are holding a Celebration of Youth at the Hume hotel. At this event (which will include the famous Hume hotel Italian Feast) we will honor and recognize some of these outstanding West Kootenay youth. We will hear some of their stories, which I am sure will inspire and challenge all of us. If you have any doubt about the “new generation” being committed and able to make our world a better place you need to participate!

Tickets are limited so if you want to join this celebration contact Rotarian Mike McIndoe at to reserve a space!

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