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Posted: April 29 - 2010

Relief efforts are moving forward in Haiti; how- ever, not as fast as the locals would like them to. Haiti officials have taken a measured re- sponse, wanting to rebuild in a manner that is sustainable and practical given the threat of hurricanes and future earth quakes. We are thankful that there are no reports of wide spread disease as a lack of sanitation and hous- ing.

This is due in large part to fresh water and relief efforts by agencies like Red Cross, UN, and Canadian army. It is also a testament to the work of Rotary on the ground with Shelter Boxes, financial support, and fresh water made available through dig- ging of wells and sanitation projects initiated. Nelson Daybreak Rotary Club, Mount Sentinel School Interact Club and Kootenay Christian Fellowship spon- sored a well in Grand Goave community.

The need presently is for the people of Haiti to find healing of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSS). People in Haiti are traumatized. Due to the large num- ber of deaths, severe injuries and countless people homeless, and coupled with continual after shocks, PTSS is inevitable. Recognizing this im- mediate need, Kootenay Christian Fellowship is assisting Haiti Arise to commission Mary Nisho, (a retired psychologist) to do workshops and leadership training in effort to bring healing to the people.

Mary (a local resident with earthquake experience) will be joining a team of Doctors from Cranbrook going to Grand Goave, Haiti in May to conduct medical clinics. Mary’s expertise will be a wonderful compliment to this particular mission. The need to feel secure is paramount. In North America we feel secure behind our closed doors of our homes. In Haiti, homes are for sleeping and cooking, but they find their security behind cement walls. Since the earthquake, most of the walls are down. Presently, the walls are being rebuilt, thus contributing to their well being, security and emotional healing. Shelter Boxes have been a great success in Haiti. The use of Shelter Boxes is a great stop gap, while people find the resources and wait out the present hurri- cane season before they can rebuild their homes.

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