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Posted: October 4 - 2017

In the photo Dave Douglas with President Alan Inkster present Kathi Knapik with the Paul Harris Fellow Certificate.

Kathi Knapik has served as the dynamic and energetic Mount Sentinel Interact Coordinator for six years. Dave Douglas was thrilled to make Kathi a Paul Harris Fellow. In the words of Mount Sentinel School Principal, "Kathi is an integral part of the staff and an outstanding teacher - particularly her work with the students in a variety of Clubs and projects". This year Kathi is involved with the Global Intercultural Studies Certificate program, which is new to SD8. The program, which includes students in grades 10,11,12 will empower students with an intercultural skill set. It includes academic, language and global intercultural experiential work.

The Ambassador Club is the service component and includes international and local students and was developed under the Oaxaca banner which has been an integral part of the Mount Sentinel Interact Club. As this is a school district wide initiative, there is the possibility for students of smaller schools to be involved and there are now 18 students enrolled. SD8 is working with the Province to get recognition for the program in the hopes that credits will be recognized by higher level academic bodies.



In photo: Jaden Williams, a Global Intercultural Studies Certificate program student with Kathi Knapik.

Kathi introduced one of the students, Jaden Williams, who is thrilled by what he has experienced to date and already he feels that he has redefined what he wants to experience in life. The program will send students to Oaxaca during spring break in March where they will build two houses and equip them with solar power and bio sand water filters. Of note is that Don Warthe, a former Interact teacher-advisor at Mt. Sentinel and key contact for the program in Oaxaca has taken water filtration training in Alberta and has attended the Wavemakers’ Summit and will be an integral part of the team at Oaxaca.

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