Update re Shoe Bank Canada Shoe Collection

Posted: March 3 - 2017

Shoe Bank Canada Has A Space!!!             

Jackie Nedelec,  the local volunteer for Shoe Bank Canada is very pleased that Pastor Katrina and the congregation at Ascension Lutheran Church is supporting this year’s shoe collection by providing a storage and work space for the annual shoe drive in Nelson. This will run from March 30 – May 2. Both Rotary Clubs are asked to provide volunteers to box up shoes at 8:30 am on Tuesday April 4,11,18 and 25 and May 2. Depending on the number of shoes that have been collected this is usually about a 2-2.5 hour commitment.  The church is located at 1805 Silverking Road, Nelson, V1L 5T4. Clean out your closets and chat with your friends to see how many clean and gently used footwear can be collected. Bring the shoes to Rotary meetings during April; otherwise put them into the boxes around town. Boxes will be located in their traditional locations of Snow Pack, Gaia Rising, Street Clothes Named Desire, Vogue Photographic,  Shoes for the Soul, Valhalla Pure Outfitters, Vince Devitos’ Shoes,  Save-On, Mark’s at the Mall and  Nelson Husky.  Please sign the Shoe Bank Shoe Drive Volunteer Sheet that will be circulated at Rotary  meetings through March and April. If you have questions, contact Jackie Nedelec at 250-229-5265.

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