Coldest Night of the Year

Posted: March 3 - 2017

A big thank you to all Rotarians, their partners and families who joined our team, walked, donated and supported the Rotary Rascals and Nelson Cares to ensure this year was a resounding success. As the team captain along with Mark McBride I am so deeply grateful for your contribution.
Here are some important facts to make us all proud!

  • 113 communities across Canada participated
  • We ranked 8th in number of walkers with over 350 walkers
  • The goal for Nelson was $30,000 and we raised $47,519.30
  • The money we raised placed us  28th overall
  • Our Rotary Rascals' goal was $2000 and we raised over $2110
  • Rotary Rascals were 5th in Nelson for funds raised by a team

This fundraiser allows further investment in ensuring those who need it have a safe and secure roof over their heads. I am so pleased for all involved and am once again blown away by the huge heart of Nelson!!
My deepest appreciation to all!

Linda Moore 

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