WaCanId Bike Ride 2017

Posted: February 24 - 2017

The WaCanId bike ride runs from Sept 11-16 for 2017.  This ride has become one of our largest fundraisers and has potential to be our single largest fundraiser in the very near future.

What we need: 
1)  Someone to co-represent the club with me.  This means being able to attend 2-3 meetings with the other Rotary clubs on the ride, to plan logistics.  Meetings rotate around the loop, one in Nelson, Castlegar, Bonners Ferry and usually Sandpoint.
2)  Someone to plan and organize the greeters meeting riders as they ride into Nelson on the 13th of September. (We usually have 3-4 Rotarians on the highway directing and welcoming riders as they arrive in Nelson.)
3)  Someone to organize rides and guides for the pulpit rock hike on the 14th.
4)  Someone to chaperone the ride out of town (to the ferry) on the 15th.  This involves seeing them out of town in the am and usually setting up a nutrition break 1/2 way to the ferry.
If you can help, contact Mike McIndoe

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