The Baby Box Has Arrived…What Will It Grow Up To Be

Posted: August 16 - 2014

Nelson Daybreak’s Club President Graham Matthew’s first task in office was magical! The Club was disappointed when a significant grant application to complete amenities at the Nelson Skatepark was turned down.  The Club had received funding approval for a Matching Grant from the TheRotary Foundation and a grant from Columbia Basin Trust, but was still short of funds. What to do? Graham knew. He contacted his brother Jeremy Matthew, CEO of Seaco, in Singapore to see if he just might have access to a decommissioned 20 foot shipping container. Voila! The container arrived in Vancouver. Graham’s second magic trick was to entice Kalesnikoff Lumber to haul the cart to their yard. Next trick, former club member Randy Horswill of Home Hardware arranged for the container to be picked up and moved to Zap Welding’s yard. What the container will look like in the end, will depend on the artistic talent of Jeff Shecter of Zap as he works with the conceptual design to renovate the baby box into a small storage shed and shade structure, with water fountain and bike wash station attached. Another magic trick is involved that again reflects the generosity of everyone involved.  Jeff felt that a misting station might be a way to keep kids the All Wheels Park cool and he offered to contribute that. The plan is to have the project completed by late September. The City of Nelson is busy prepping the site location. The next magic trick will be to get consensus as to what the finishing of the storage shed will look like. Stay tuned…..

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