Leonard Batubara - RYE student

Posted: September 30 - 2010

Leonard Batubara, aged 17, our club’s Rotary Youth Exchange student, from South Jakarta, Indonesia has already traveled more places on our continent than many people travel in a lifetime. It only took one good sleep and one day to register at school and Leonard was off to explore the Shuswap area with his host family Leo Degroot and Sandra Irvine and son Sean.

Although the lovely warm water of the Shuswap felt a bit cool to someone from a warmer climate, Leonard braved the water and made several attempts to get up on water skies. He hopes to try it again next summer. The first few days at school were made more memorable when Leonard had the opportunity to visit with the captured grizzly club that his host father had to feed during transport. That bear sure fooled his captors!

Mid September found Leonard making videos of the Nelson Road Kings Car Show parade. Early the next morning he left for the RYE Inbound Orientation at Camp Lutherhaven near Worley, Idaho. The car was filled with tales about RYE experiences from rebound students Heidi Booth (Brazil) , Kiraya Spencer (Equador), Chipman Purdey (Germany). Luca Sattler, RYE from Germany, hosted by the Rotary Club of Nelson, enjoyed the trip and invited all of the RYEs in attendance to come to Nelson to go snowboarding with him. Leonard is deter- mined to master skiing and/or boarding this winter. He checked out the ski hill in Kimber- ley when he and his host family attended a cross-country ski training camp. his tolerance for cold weather has definitely increased as he slept in a tent in Kimberley. He looks forward to spending more time in the Rockies when the RYE students in Canada spend a weekend in the Rockies on Nov. 13,14,15.

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