Transition to new website

Posted: June 6 - 2023

Our club has decided to to join DACdb which is a management system for Rotary clubs created by Rotarians. The system includes a website. The new website is

Over the next months content will be added to that website and this one will be retired.

2023 International Dinner

Posted: February 11 - 2023

Check the items in our International Dinner On-Line Auction:

Posted: February 10 - 2023

Click the link below to view our online auction!

International Dinner 2023 online auction | 32auctions

Nelson Friends of the Family

Posted: October 24 - 2022

Club President Peggy Devries was thrilled to be joined by Nelson Lions Club's Jennifer Edgar and Nelson Friends of the Family member Breanne Gaudreau when donations were made to Cops for Kids in support of a local child with significant health issues.

Posted: December 19 - 2021

Rotary Club of Nelson Daybreak is pleased to report that the Rosemont (Art Gibbons) Multigenerational Park Project continues to welcome visitors not only to the playground but now on the paved walkways around the playground and into the forest. The City plans to install the new wheelchair-accessible picnic tables and park benches along the walkways over the winter. Early spring, work on the new shade shelter will commence which will invite citizens to be able to rest and watch the skateboarders and kids on the playground in relative shaded comfort. Landscaping for the entire playground area is in the City maintenance plans to finish off the area.

Rotary Club of Nelson Daybreak was delighted to receive a Certificate of Recognition presented by Mayor John Dooley and Nelson City Council on December 14th for the volunteer fundraising and work with the Rosemont (Art Gibbons) multigenerational park. Way to go, Nelson Rotary Daybreak.

Rosemont Park Update

Posted: October 24 - 2021

Rosemont Park Update
Meg Milner reports that “The Rotary Club of Nelson Daybreak is delighted to report that on behalf of the City and citizens of Nelson, we have successfully fundraised over $255,000.00 for the Rosemont (Art Gibbons) Park project.
The playground, installed in 2019 has a new slide, awaiting landscaping.  Planning is in final stages for wheelchair-accessible walkways around the playground and through the forest.  New benches and accessible picnic tables will invite folks to take a quiet moment along the walkways.  A new shade shelter is planned to allow parents and families to rest safely while supervising their children. Rotary Daybreakers will be helping the City in maintaining the playground by spreading the bark mulch under the equipment and weed eating the perimeter.
This project has become a reality through the amazing generosity of the numerous donors through grants, cash donations and/or ‘in kind’ services.  Every donor will be acknowledged on ‘story board’ signage located by the playground.  It takes a community to raise our children and support our families and we are proud to be of service.”

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