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Nelson Rotary
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Friday 19 January 2018
Healing scars of war
In the mountains of Poland, 26 children traumatized by violence get a chance to be kids again at Rotary

Thursday 18 January 2018
Rassin's 2018 presidential theme
2018-19 RI President Barry Rassin wants Rotary members to Be the

Tuesday 16 January 2018
Saving mothers and babies
New Zealand Rotary club sets new standard for childbirth care in

Tuesday 16 January 2018
Migration challenges inspire Rotary peace scholar
Migration challenges inspire peace scholarRotary Peace Fellow Linda Low could not have known what world events would brin…

Friday 12 January 2018
Rotary praises unsung heroes on World Polio Day
Rotary and the Gates Foundation host fifth annual World Polio Day to highlight progress in the fight to eradicate the