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Rotary Nelson Daybreak
Box 965
Nelson V1L 6A5

or by e-mail at [email protected]

Member: Mike McIndoe

Member since 2001

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Nelson Daybreak Rotary
Tuesday - 7 am (directions)


Nelson Rotary
Friday - 12 pm (directions)
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RI News

Wednesday 20 February 2019
Rotary clubs come together to fight opioid epidemic
Rotary clubs harness international connections to tackle U.S. opioid crisisClubs in Mexico, India, and Canada help member…

Wednesday 06 February 2019
Virus hunter
Female surveillance officer for WHO pushes through gender-related obstacles to help end polio in

Wednesday 06 February 2019
Clubs in Brazil help vaccinate 11 million children
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Wednesday 23 January 2019
After the storm
A year after Hurricane Maria tore through Puerto Rico, local Rotary members continue to rebuild homes and

Wednesday 23 January 2019
Connecting the world
2019-20 RI president announces his presidential