Rosemont Park Update

Posted: October 24 - 2021

Rosemont Park Update
Meg Milner reports that “The Rotary Club of Nelson Daybreak is delighted to report that on behalf of the City and citizens of Nelson, we have successfully fundraised over $255,000.00 for the Rosemont (Art Gibbons) Park project.
The playground, installed in 2019 has a new slide, awaiting landscaping.  Planning is in final stages for wheelchair-accessible walkways around the playground and through the forest.  New benches and accessible picnic tables will invite folks to take a quiet moment along the walkways.  A new shade shelter is planned to allow parents and families to rest safely while supervising their children. Rotary Daybreakers will be helping the City in maintaining the playground by spreading the bark mulch under the equipment and weed eating the perimeter.
This project has become a reality through the amazing generosity of the numerous donors through grants, cash donations and/or ‘in kind’ services.  Every donor will be acknowledged on ‘story board’ signage located by the playground.  It takes a community to raise our children and support our families and we are proud to be of service.”

Food For All on line Auction

Posted: October 3 - 2021

OKTOBERFEST with Torchlight Brewing

Posted: October 3 - 2021

Rotary Fellowships!

Posted: August 1 - 2021

Rotary Fellowships are international groups that share a common passion. Being part of a fellowship is a fun way to make friends around the world, explore a hobby or profession, and enhance your Rotary experience.

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Daybreak Supports Camp Koolaree

Posted: July 25 - 2021

Camp Koolaree was at risk of not operating this year as their refrigerators malfunctioned and could not be repaired. This was the second catastrophe for the camp this year as their wash house was destroyed by 3 huge Cedar trees in a windstorm. An urgent plea was put out for some financial assistance. Nelson Daybreak has a history of supporting Camp Koolaree and actually built a couple of cabins many years ago. Daybreak stepped up again to help this worthy cause.
The Camp is located on beautiful lake front property across the lake from 6 Mile.  Six camps will operate throughout this season and provide programs for kids 7-17. Camp Koolaree is operated by the Camp Koolaree Society under the auspices of the United Church. It was established in 1931.
If anyone would like to contribute additional funds, go to their website at:

20 Good Reasons to join Rotary

Posted: July 18 - 2021

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