Rotary Fellowships!

Posted: August 1 - 2021

Rotary Fellowships are international groups that share a common passion. Being part of a fellowship is a fun way to make friends around the world, explore a hobby or profession, and enhance your Rotary experience.

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Daybreak Supports Camp Koolaree

Posted: July 25 - 2021

Camp Koolaree was at risk of not operating this year as their refrigerators malfunctioned and could not be repaired. This was the second catastrophe for the camp this year as their wash house was destroyed by 3 huge Cedar trees in a windstorm. An urgent plea was put out for some financial assistance. Nelson Daybreak has a history of supporting Camp Koolaree and actually built a couple of cabins many years ago. Daybreak stepped up again to help this worthy cause.
The Camp is located on beautiful lake front property across the lake from 6 Mile.  Six camps will operate throughout this season and provide programs for kids 7-17. Camp Koolaree is operated by the Camp Koolaree Society under the auspices of the United Church. It was established in 1931.
If anyone would like to contribute additional funds, go to their website at:

20 Good Reasons to join Rotary

Posted: July 18 - 2021

First Time RI Convention Goer Peggy Devries Shares her Impressions

Posted: June 20 - 2021

It gave me more insight to the high level of professionalism of Rotary International and its leaders. I learned about our connections with the World Health Organization and the United Nations.  We really can DREAM BIG AND our vision is realistic and being achieved every day:
  "Together we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change across the globe, in our communities and in ourselves."
I registered for the Meet and Greet with Presidents Holger Knack, Shekhar Mehta and Jennifer Jones and found all of them to be inspiring, authentic and committed to the Vision.
To be focused on the Environment and Peace as well as Diversity, Equity and Inclusion shows Rotary to be open and progressive.
The most impactful session was "Rise-up Movement" presented by Vanessa from Kumpula, Uganda.  She is quite young and spoke passionately about the effects on her continent of climate change and the exploitation of fossil fuel development.  Africa is one of the lowest emitters but they feel some of the highest impact on their way of life.   
"We need to stop talking and take action.  International news does not report the devastation the way they cover the wildfires in Australia and Africa."  As she said:   "We cannot eat coal and we cannot drink oil.

The District 5080 Awards Ceremony Recognized Nelson Daybreak

Posted: June 13 - 2021

In this horrid time of Covid, we were so fortunate to have an increase in club membership which was the #1 criteria. Thanks to Membership Chair Ian Comishin, we welcomed Peter Chipman and the return of former club member Laura Gellatly. Laura has supported the joint club Rotary at Work page in the Nelson Star and this page is often cited as a model for Rotary Club Public Relations. We are fortunate that Dave Douglas continues to be a member of the club and joins our weekly meetings from Victoria.
At the Awards Ceremony, several of our projects were highlighted including the Rosemont Playground and its unique printed concrete structure, compliments of Ian Comishin.

Thank you to the leadership team of Meg Milner, Mike McIndoe, Ian Comishin, Allison Alder, Sandra England who invested so many hours in this project.

The project of creating well over a thousand masks for the needy was also recognized; thanks to Sheila Hart, Sandra England, and partners Ineke McIndoe, Wendy Simpson, Wendy Lacroix and Friends of Rotary Barb Coombs, Lisa McGeady and Diane Watts.

Other contributing factors for this award included the many community service projects that we are involved in such as Meals on Wheels, lead by Dave Simpson and Meals to Doors supported by Andy Leathwood and Pat Dooley.

Our commitment to literacy is shown in the financial support of a teacher at Haiti Arise which builds on the support for this school by Jim Reimer.

Another literacy project in its infancy is the Storybook Project to be built at Rosemont Park. Pat Dooley is working closely with CBAL to see this project come to fruition. Member also supported CBAL’s Books Under Every Tree initiative.

While School District 8 continues to struggle with Covid, Nicole Butler has kept in contact with SD8 to ensure that we will be prepared when programs can start again. Nicole Butler has also served as a faithful Shelterbox Ambassador.

Alan Inkster led the way to organize the Rotary Team for the Coldest Night of the Year Walk which raised record funds for Nelson Care’s Ready for Home Program.

Unfortunately, Roger Higgins had issues receiving permission to operate the Adopt a Highway Program but this will happen as soon as social distancing measures are further relaxed.

The ‘glue’ that supports the club includes Allison Alder, President, who creatively led the club during the Covid transition. John Stegman serves as Treasurer.  David Cheatley serves as Secretary and Tech Support for the website and Facebook and production of this weekly club bulletin, The Daybreak.

We were thankful that the 2020 International Dinner was held just before the onset of Covid and are appreciative of the work Peggy Devries did keeping patrons and funds received in order. We look forward to having Peggy serve as Club President in 2022-23.

Nelson Daybreak transitioned quickly to a virtual format when Covid restrictions hit and member attendance has been exemplary. In a very large part,  this is due to Marilyn Miller’s organization of an interesting and educational program schedule.
Nelson Daybreak members also contribute significantly to the work of Rotary District 5080. Lorne Westnedge served as Assistant Governor and also served as Awards Chair. Dave Simpson serves on the Rotary Friendship Exchange Committee. Sheila Hart is Chair of the District Service Committee which has a plethora of Sub-Committees, Resource Groups and the DEI Task Force. Sheila is a Co-chair of the DEI Task Force and member Allison Alder contributes significantly to the work of the committee with her wealth of knowledge from similar work at Selkirk College.
Nelson Daybreak was also recognized with The Rotary Foundation Banner Award for its high level of club and individual donations to The Rotary Foundation. This is due to the ongoing work of Club Foundation Chair Lorne Westnedge and the generous contributions of all club members.
Well done Rotary Club of Nelson Daybreak.

Water & Sanitation Month

Posted: May 9 - 2021

As we enter the month of May, we want you to know how well this initiative has been received so far.
To Date, we have had 29 of our Rotary, Rotaract and Interact clubs indicate their endorsement with donations received, PLUS, 21 individuals personally making a donation, many in addition to what their club has donated.
As of April 30, combining all the club and personal donations with the District repurposed grant money, we have over $19,000 in the fund...and we've still got a month to go for other clubs and members to make a donation.

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